Who are we?

Thankyou for checking out Highland Handyman Services. We began Highlands Handyman services in May of 2016. 

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to bring home repair and modification to our customers with ease, quallity, and professionalism to improve their home or business and make the process stress-free.

Why did we start? The answer is simple. We want to make people's lives easier. It used to be the case that people had more time to work on their houses. But lets be honest... you don't have time for that anymore! Any time you spend working on your home is time that you are not getting paid or time you could be spending with you family

What do we do? We do a lot of different things. We cover all trades and specialize in many areas of home improvement. We fix toilets, replace countertops, build decks, remodel bathrooms, fix holes in the drywall...and the list goes on! We are the one contractor for every need. 

Our promise is that you can rely on us 100%  We do the best work, provide the best service, and offer the best support. If there is ever a problem with your house, we are one phone call away. We can pretty much do anything to improve your property. If there is ever something that we are not comfortable doing, we have specialists that we know and can recommend. We believe in good advice, honest pricing, and the best customer experience all round. 

Give us a call!

Let us fix it.

Angus Murray- Owner



What do we do?


Effective Home Maintenance Solutions in Western Michigan.

It sounds too good to be true, but in this case, it’s a reality. Yes, you can take care of all your home maintenance solutions in Midwest, MI, with one simple phone call. Our team at Highland Handyman Services has the combination of skills and experience you need when you have a project, or several projects, waiting on your to-do list.


Expertly Trained Attention

Tasks around the home have a way to growing and taking on a life of their own as you struggle to find the time in your busy schedule to attend to them. It’s not easy to prioritize what to do first and when to do it. But it is easy to let our highly trained employees take care of whatever job is pressing. If you have a home renovation project or need help with a simple chore like reapairing a hole in the drywall, we are ready to help.

We are expertly trained  for your confidence. Also, we focus on continuing training so that we are up to date on the latest home maintenance and repair techniques.

Treating Your Home Like Our Own

Not only do we provide prompt service of the highest quality for your home remodeling or repair jobs, but we treat your home like it’s their own.


Our dedication to exceptional customer service

ensures that our employees will:

  • Be mindful of privacy and personal space

  • Not smoke on your property

  • Take great care of your entire house, not just the area of focus

  • Always clean up following a job and remove all job site materials

Effectively communicate should a problem arise that may change the scope of work - no last minute surprises.

In addition to taking those steps, our workers put down paper or plastic to protect your flooring and furniture if the job is going to be a messy one.

We Make It Easy to Get the Services You Need

Our extraordinary commitment to our customers extends beyond the carpentry services and handyman skills we offer. We know that it makes no difference how good a company is at what they do if it’s very difficult to reach them for an appointment. That’s why we are easily reachable by phone, web, or email.

In this way, you can quickly book for your project and have peace of mind that we will be there when you expect us. The job will be done when you expect, and it will be done right.

Contact us get the handyman services you require. We proudly serve homeowners in the Greater Grand Rapids Area and surrounding areas.